Packages & Prices

Packages & Prices

Family History

Discover the past and your family’s story through a family history report. 

Smaller projects start at $600, larger projects start at $1600

Family Tree

See your family roots in one “big picture.” 

Starts at $600


Discover the story of one of your ancestors. 

Starts at $400

Solving Problems

Have you encountered a particularly thorny problem in your research? Let us help.  

Starts at $400

House History

Explore the history of your home or another significant building or property.

Starts at $400

Document Retrieval

We can access NYC-area or foreign-language repositories to obtain documents you need.

Starts at: $120


Struggling with a tough question on a small scale? Please allow us to assist you.

Starts at $40

Translation and Transcription

We specialize in reading old handwriting and typefaces and are fluent in multiple languages. Please allow us to help you decipher those old family documents of interest.

Starts at $40

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