Family Tree

Family Tree

Family trees are interesting and useful in reconstructing and visualizing the “big picture” of your family history, and they make a fascinating document to hand on to your own family, or to give as a gift to a relative.

You might be looking for a complete genealogy of one family line, or a study focused on particular generations. If you would like us to create a family tree for you, we will start with collecting information you already have (documents, family interviews, etc.) and creating a research plan which clearly outlines what information you would like to know. 

Then, we will conduct research as close to the present time as privacy laws permit. At the conclusion of our research, we will provide you with a report which includes citations in footnote form, many of which may also include links to where each piece of information was obtained. All information will be referenced to the original sources. We will create a chart showing family relations, and we will provide you copies of relevant documents and photos obtained in the research process.

Starts at $600.  

Start your research today.