ProGenealogy Genealogical Services

Discover your family history with the help of a professional genealogist

How Can a Genealogist Help You?

We rely on the expertise of professionals every day to help us with specialized tasks. As professional genealogists, we are here to help you discover and understand your family history, employing the advanced research and documentation skills that come with our decades of experience in historical research.

What can we do for you?

  • Trace your ancestry through generations and countries to write a family history
  • Create a family tree as a gift for your family or a relative
  • Research a particular ancestor or family line
  • Locate your family’s place(s) of origin in Europe
  • Help you form and answer specific or general questions about the previous generations of your family
  • Supplement research you’ve already done to solve a tricky problem, or help you get started in researching your past
  • Solve problems, like discovering facts about the life of an unknown ancestor, your family’s place of origin in Europe, or clearing up confusion over multiple people of the same name
  • Explore the history of your house or another significant building
  • Enrich your understanding of the historical events and forces which shaped the lives of your ancestors
  • Search records for you, including those that are rarely-used or not easily-accessible
  • Decipher and transcribe unclear handwriting and typography in old documents or family papers, even in foreign languages
  • Translate documents from German, Russian, French, Polish, Swedish, Latin, and other languages
  • Facilitate access to foreign repositories for information, or obtain this information for you upon your request
  • Physically access archives in the New York metropolitan area (subject to COVID restrictions currently in place in many archives)

Our Services

Solving Problems, Answering Questions

Whether you need help identifying the precise questions you would like to answer in solving mysteries of the past, or you have clear idea of the problem you need solved, we can help you with thorough and confidential research, done in a timely manner.  Our recent projects have included:

  • Following the path of German miners immigrating from the Ruhr area of Germany through Belgium to Philadelphia and New York on their way to the mining towns in western Ohio in the 1860s and 1870s
  • Researching a family’s history in western Pennsylvania
  • Discovering the fate of an Italian victim of Nazi persecution who was deported to Germany during WWII
  • Distinguishing between several Irish men bearing the same name and birth year, all of whom immigrated within a few years to the U.S. during the Irish Potato Famine
  • Tracing the long history of an immigrant family from Southern Italy back to their roots in late-medieval Naples,  noting especially their involvement in the political intrigues and cultural life of Renaissance Italy
  • Tracking the family story of Polish political dissidents from 19th-century Russia, through Austria, Hungary, and Germany to western New York and later California
  • Researching a Midwestern family with Scotch-Irish, Welsh, and English roots back 15 generations through the 17th-19th centuries in New York state, and discovering their role in the foundation of the New England Colonies and arrival on the Mayflower

How does it work?

We have experience in hiring specialists and we know what to expect from an attorney, accountant, or doctor, but how does it work with genealogists?

Packages and Prices

No project is too small or too large, and we offer expert research in competitively-priced project bundles, custom-designed to meet your needs.

Compare our project prices to find the best option for you.

About Us

With a Ph.D. in History, our principal researcher provides your family with answers based on decades of experience with source materials, research methods, digital repositories, and archives. An academic with a specialty in European history, our genealogical expertise lies especially in helping families with roots in Europe.

We are fluent in multiple languages.

We are located in Westchester County, New York, close to New York City.