Biographies are always thrilling. Every life story is unique. Learning more about a particular ancestor can provide you with a new perspective on the history of your family, and perhaps even a strong sense of your personal roots and identity. What was the path your ancestor walked? Maybe they immigrated from Europe, or worked and studied from an early age to achieve success in life. Maybe they fought in the war, or maybe they participated in some event or process that changed history. Maybe your ancestor lived in challenging or fascinating times, or maybe they overcame a great obstacle for the sake of their relatives. Both the details and the big picture are worth learning.

Have you been wondering what happened to a particular person in your family? Or would like to follow the steps of some particular ancestor, learn where they lived and what they did? Are some significant places from their lives preserved?

We will start with collecting information you already have (documents, family interviews, etc.) and creating a research plan which clearly outlines what what information you would like to know. 

Then, we will conduct research as close to the present time as privacy laws permit. At the conclusion of our research, we will provide you with a report which includes citations in footnote form, many of which may also include links to where each piece of information was obtained. All information will be referenced to the original sources.  We will prepare a timeline of the person’s life for you, and if more material is available a biographical sketch. We will provide you copies of relevant documents and photos obtained in the research process.

Starts at $200.  

Start your research today.