House History

House History

Big or small, rural or urban, every house has its history. Would you like to know the history of your house? Or maybe a house significant for you and your family, a place you used to call home in past, or from which you have many memories? Would you like to learn who called this place home in the past, when was the house built, or what significant events happened in the building or nearby? We can research and write a history of a particular building for you. We will provide you with information about the history of the area, starting with the parceling of the property, discussing what may have been on the property in the past, and then moving through the building of the house in question and its history, including owners and occupants. We will collect information about any significant events related to the place or immediate vicinity. 

We will start with collecting information you already have (documents, family interviews, etc.) and creating a research plan which clearly outlines what what information you would like to know. 

Then, we will conduct research as close to the present time as privacy laws permit. At the conclusion of our research, we will provide you with a report which includes citations in footnote form, many of which may also include links to where each piece of information was obtained. All information will be referenced to the original sources. We will will provide you copies of relevant documents and photos obtained in the research process.

A building history makes a fascinating document to keep as heirloom in your own family, as well as a gift to a relative or friends.

Starts at $400.

Start your research today.