Translation & Transcription

Translation & Transcription

Have you inherited a box of old family papers but find them impossible to read and translate? Or maybe you are having a tough time with tricky old typefaces and faded legal documents or correspondence that were passed down to you? They might contain critical information for your research, but the content remains inaccessible to you because reading them is like a giant, impossible-to-solve puzzle.

We are recognized experts in our ability to decipher handwriting and complicated or faded type, even in multiple European languages.  We would be happy to help you read these documents. 

Depending on the kind of document, we can provide you with a complete or excerpt transcript of the document, and a faithful translation. We can also assist you in research using foreign-language resources. We are fluent in German, Russian, French, and Polish. We also have strong reading abilities in Swedish, Italian, and Ukrainian.

Starts at $40. 

Start your research today.