Family History

Family History

Would you like to know a lot more about a particular line of your family? Where they came from? What their lives were like? About their immigration process? Significant things they did, or interesting things that happened to them? A family history is a way of getting an in-depth look at the lives of your ancestors.

Family history reports are our specialty, and we aim to help you discover those who came before you as individuals with motivations, relationships, and a world in which they were immersed.

To get started, we will discuss with you what and/or whom you would like to learn more about. We will collect relevant documents you or other family members may have, and we’ll coach you through the questions you could ask an older relative to obtain more pertinent information that will aid in the research process.

We can find your ancestors in multiple or particular family lines, or in a chosen number of generations. We can extend the research as far as available documentation allows. Even if you have been working on your own family history research, we can help you by extending it and incorporating sources that are less well-known or not easily-accessible, or we can help you through just a particular aspect of your history that you’ve had a difficult time proving or understanding. We can simply help you get further in your¬†research, or we can write a family history under agreed-upon parameters.

Once we’ve discussed all the topics above, we will conduct research as we’ve agreed. At the conclusion of our research, we will provide you with a report which includes citations in footnote form, many of which may also include links to where each piece of information was obtained. All information will be referenced to the original sources. We will provide you copies of relevant documents and photos obtained in the research process.

Smaller projects start at $600, larger projects start at $1600. 



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